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Jalapeno Sauce

Jalapenos, a LOT of jalapenos. With a little vinegar, salt, and mustard.


Roasting jalapenos, and then peeling them and taking out the seeds, is likely not the weeknight activity you're looking for-- but the flavor from this Jalapeno dip is something you will definitely want access to on a weeknight. 

Spicy, smooth, and full of flavor, The Nerdy Dad's jalapeno dip is meant to feature its main ingredient with just the right amount of spice. Perfect to add to ground beef, to put on chicken, burgers, or staples like hummus and eggs, this dip adds full-impact jalapeño flavor to any dish where you might want hot sauce.


Heat (1-10): 3-5 depending on the fresh heat of the Jalapeno Peppers

Dip: Veggies, Chips, Bread, Straw

Dressing: Sandwiches, leafy Salads, Hearty beet/potato salad,

Condiment: Top everything with this from veggie burgers to sushi

Available in 6 oz and 1lb (16 oz) frozen Jars

Enjoy within 7 days of defrosting

6 oz