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Shabbat Dip Subscription: Beta Testing Local Deliveries



Have your dips delivered to your door! A Shabbat Dip Subscription is a great way to eliminate an item from your to-do list while adding a ton of flavor and fun to your meal. We'll even take care of your challah! 

All Nd products are vegan, pareve, nut-free, and gluten-free. The challah is made in a separate facility and contains gluten.

What comes in each delivery?

+ 3 dips of the week

+ 2 hand-braided challah

What does beta testing mean? 

I'm committed to providing the best products with the best customer experience and service, so before I launch this really exciting subscription nationwide-- I'd love your feedback. You were invited to partake because I really trust and appreciate your feedback AND because I genuinely think this subscription will make your life easier and tastier. 

Why should I subscribe:

Of course, you are welcome to order any of my products off the Nerdy Dad site in a one-off capacity. I love when people do this! The reason for this subscription is to actually take something off your to-do list-- and repeat deliveries mean I can pass on savings to you!

Can I order this if I live in a different zip code?

We will be launching a monthly delivery subscription service that will ship to anywhere in the US. More details coming soon.