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Chai Mulling Spice



Warm cinnamon, allspice, cloves, ginger, cardamom, orange, and black pepper give you this versatile blend. No matter what you make with this, it will definitely give you wonderful, cozy winter memories. 

Add to warm apple cider (spiked if that's your speed), black tea, red wine of your choice

New For Purim*:  the small containers are the perfect amount for mulling a full bottle of wine and make wonderful components mishloach manot. 

Purim is a Jewish holiday celebrating a narrow escape of the Jewish people from genocide. One of the four commandments for Purim is to send gifts, called mishloach manot, to friends or neighbors. 

Buy 10 small chai mixes and get a FREE small hot cocoa!

Buy 20 small chai mixes and get a FREE small hot cocoa AND a FREE small vanilla sugar!