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A La Karte Catering and Market : (484) 278-4101

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday   11am  - 7 pm (Orders stop a half hour before closing)

Friday 10 am - 3 pm (Orders stop a half hour before closing)

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Sealed Kosher Plated Meals

Having a special event and want to make your kashrut observant guests feel extra special?

We will create custom kosher plates that "match the meal" served to the rest of your attendees. Ingredients will be swapped for Kosher options, but the essence of the meal will remain. A La Karte has been Philadelphia's top provider of kosher plated meals for over a decade.

We provide elevated kosher meals, elegantly presented, re-heatable in any kitchen. Everything is certified by Community Kashrus of Philadelphia (keystone K). Every venue will receive detailed heating instructions to preserve the quality and kosher status of the meals.

Create a Custom Order to "match" your event's menu with meals for your kosher guests.

Place your orders via by email to orders@alakartecatering.com or call 484.278.4101.

Food is central to any social or corporate event. Dietary needs shouldn't compromise the experience of sharing a beautiful meal together A La Karte is the bridge that brings people together. Sometimes that is for business, family or friends.

See the menus linked below. Call or email to place your order.

Kosher Plated Meal Menu